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Bad Breath: What can I do?

Bad breath is a condition that plagues more people than you know. Almost 50% of the US population in the middle and older age ranges suffer from bad breath on a daily basis. Smoking along with a number of health conditions can all lead to chronic bad breath. Chronic bad breath can often lead to a negative impact on social relationships and your quality of life. It is no wonder Americans spend nearly three billion dollars a year on fresh breath remedies. Today we would like to explore a few of these issues and how you might be able to combat the challenges of chronic bad breath.

What causes bad breath:

  • Obviously there are those easily explainable situations that occur after consuming certain foods such as cheeses, fish, onions and garlic that can typically be remedied by a good brushing and oral rinse.

  • Morning Breath – morning breath is usually caused by dryness and typically resolves with correction via intake of water

  • Halitosis – This is a term that describes the scent created by proteins trapped on the tongue from untreated periodontal disease that are processed by oral bacteria. This condition can eventually lead to loose teeth, bleeding gums and pain when chewing.

  • Menopause – Menopausal and Post-Menopausal woman can often experience not only bad breath but pain and burning sensations in their gum tissue, altered taste and dry mouth from hormone changes. This causes this population to be extremely susceptible to periodontal disease.

Can I do something about Chronic Bad Breath?

If your suffering from chronic bad breath that isn’t alleviated by more traditional means there is most certainly an underlying condition at fault. Don’t suffer any longer! Please contact our staff as soon as possible to schedule an appointment and get your life back!

Call Implant Advocates and Edgewater Dental Today to schedule your appointment!


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