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Implant Retained Dentures Specialist

Dental Implant


Implants Done The Right Way!

A lot of people are missing all of their teeth, either in one or both arches and conventional dentures are often not a satisfactory solution. Traditional dentures rest on the gums and while they may fit well initially that often become ill fitting over time as the jawbone gradually changes shape.The jawbone will typically begin to change after your natural teeth are extracted because the bony ridge that used to support those teeth resorbs as it no longer has stimulation by the teeth roots. This ridge often becomes flatter and narrower which will make the dentures you originally had designed more difficult to comfortably wear and will provide less support for the facial muscles. This is why some people with dentures has a collapsed look to their face. These ill-fitting dentures may also begin to cause the patient difficulty with chewing certain foods and potentially even social anxiety as they begin to affect other areas of your life.

What are Implant-Retained Dentures and how could they help me?

Instead of resting on your gums and being attached via dental adhesives, implant retained dentures will clip or snap onto dental implants. This will allow them to remain securely in place until removed by the patient. The dentures will feel extremely stable and strong during all aspects of your daily functioning. Often, we only need to use two to four dental implants to hold the entire lower denture in place. The upper denture can sometime require more implants for support but it will not cover the palate which is not only more comfortable to wear on a daily basis but also provides the patient with a more natural feel while talking and the ability to taste foods better as it will reveal more taste buds than traditional dentures.

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