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Implant Advocates Specializes in the Correction of Failed or Incorrectly Placed Dental Implants!

Dental Implants can be a wonderful way to correct a smile which is plagued by multiple missing or failing teeth. Often teeth are missing because of facial injuries or decay and can’t be saved. The possibility of having permanent fixed teeth that allow a patient to return to eating the foods in the manner that they haven’t be able to since they were young adults can be very appealing. These procedures due to their significant cost can sometimes lead patients to bargain shop from under qualified dentists without the training and expertise necessary for the patient to achieve a quality result. Patients have been known to engage in “dental tourism” or leave the country to find discounted rates in third world countries leading to some of the more popularized cosmetic dentistry debacles that you may have seen televised. We understand that some of the big box dental implant centers refuse to correct their own mistakes once they have your money and have left patients frustrated and feeling helpless as they suffer with less than quality workmanship. Dr. Sajadi always guarantees the quality of his work and has seen the less than ethical practices employed by other centers. At Implant Advocates we specialize not only in new placement of new dental implants but the correction of failed or incorrectly placed dental implants.

Signs that your implants may be failing:

Gum inflammation

Receding Gums

Difficulty Chewing


Loosening of the Implant

Extreme Pain

Dr. Ali Sajadi is a board certified periodontal surgeon receiving his degree in dentistry from Indiana University School of Dentistry. He performed his residency at University of Texas HSC School of Dentistry and is currently a Clinical Associate Professor for the Department of Periodontics and Hygiene at his alma mater UTHSC. Dr. Sajadi understood early on the importance in practicing and educating others on proper periodontal techniques and as a result was the founding member of the UTH Periodontics Alumni Association where he continues that tradition.

Dr. Sajadi takes this same mind set of quality and ethical treatment that he teaches at the University Level into every case that he reviews for potential revision or initial placement. If your suffering from failed or incorrectly placed dental implants and are feeling frustrated that your difficult case isn’t getting the attention it deserves you have come to the right place. Please call today as you deserve to have a smile that you can be proud of.


American Academy of Periodontics, Texas Society of Periodontists, Greater Houston Dental Society, Greater Houston Periodontal Society, American Dental Association and the Southwest Society for Periodontists
Founding member of the reinitiated UTH Periodontics Alumni Association
Delta Dental Scholarship Award - 2008
IUSD Alumni Association Scholarship Award - 2009,2010,2011
Dr. Walter Ching Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Leadership - 2010
Pierre Fauchard Academy Foundation Award for Excellence and Leadership - 2011
International College of Dentists Excellence in Leadership Award - 2012
Raul G. Caffesse Award for Excellence - 2013,2014

Dental Implant Advocates

713-983-0099 or 832-532-7120

6370 N Eldridge Pkwy, Houston, TX 77041 
3425 S Highway 6, Ste 108, Sugar Land, TX 77478